Hubbard House

To fulfill the mission of CUP, the purpose of Hubbard House is to serve those who serve.

The Hubbard House was named after Joe Hubbard, founder of CUP, to celebrate his ongoing dedication to the East St. Louis, Illinois area. Hubbard House provides housing, food, program support, and volunteer sites as needed for those looking to volunteer in East St. Louis.

Hubbard House advocates on behalf and with those we serve, by providing a forum for discussing why there is poverty, why people continue to be poorer, and why the “system” does not support the needs of the poor. Incorporated within this process are opportunities for advocacy and discussing systemic change.

Hubbard House serves as a witness that East St. Louis includes good people who want to make a difference in the lives of others. By staying overnight in the community they are serving, volunteers gain the opportunity for gathering and reflecting with those they serve.

Hubbard House’s goals include, but are not limited to, introducing guests to metro East St. Louis (people, places, history), providing a forum in which to give a face to those who are poor, and introducing the concepts of systemic change and advocacy including the implications of personal initiatives.

The location of Hubbard House is 8321 Church Lane, E. St. Louis, IL 62203 (by appointment only).